IT Training

IT Training

Sharpen your knowledge base and learn how to design, deploy, and scale cutting-edge cloud and security technologies to support the next phase of your business. Our courses, which can be deployed virtually through online collaboration, include hands-on technical training, course materials, interactive labs, and troubleshooting exercises.

Build the Skills Your Team Needs

We offer instructor-led courses featuring leading partner technologies. We provide flexible education options delivered virtually or on site (at designated customers, or other authorized training facilities). We also limit class sizes to maximize instructor/student interaction.

Leverage expert instruction and real-life experiences from certified senior solution architects who spend their time working with customers in the field in a variety of industry verticals. When you invest in training services, you’ll attract and retain top employees by offering robust and high-caliber technical training that boosts employees’ careers and skill sets while promoting enthusiastic adoption of products or technologies by your users.

Technology Workshops

Our workshops help you define and explore various technologies, solutions, concepts, and implementation practices you may need to consider when facing business challenges that impact today’s business landscape. We review your business objectives, baseline your requirements, evaluate technology relevance (including tools, processes, and skillset), and provide the cross-functional technology expertise needed to help your initiatives be more impactful.

Technical Training

Our technical training offerings range from Cloud, End-to-End Automation, Containerization, and Infrastructure Automation to DevOps, AI/ML/DL, Open-Source technologies, and tooling. We focus on providing your teams with hands-on experience for deployment, configuration, policy creation, installation, troubleshooting, and implementation of architectural best practices.

AI/ML/DL Training

Learn how modern AI technologies can be leveraged to unleash powerful capabilities that enable applications to be more engaging, secure, and contextually aware, and make highly-accurate predictions with complex data that surrounds us.

Boot Camps

Our boot camps are geared to the needs of individuals who are evaluating technology options and/or have direct administrative and deployment responsibilities. Gaining deep, hands-on insight into various technologies will arm you with the confidence to select and execute the right solutions to move your organization forward.

Security Workshops

Through strategic security consulting, we help clients understand and define their true business risk in order to cultivate and maintain a strong security posture. Security workshops offer in-person strategic consulting around Cloud Usage & Risk, Endpoint Threat Prevention & Response, and SOAR.